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With over 17 years of experience in the I.T. industry, our clients can rely on Mind Twister Media to provide the solutions that meets their needs.

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Technology is an important facet of our day to day life, so much so that making the right decision is not an easy one. Let Mindtwister Media help you find the right answer. From simple tasks as creating a corporate e-mail, to creating complex networks and applications that will work on multiple locations.


We have the Solutions

Managed IT Services

Backup Services and Recovery

Email Services

IT Administrative Services


Select the best fit for your Business

Tier 1

Monitoring and Maintenance services

Managed AV

Level 1 Managed File Backup*

Hourly rate discount 10%**

Tier 2

Monitoring and Maintenance services

Managed AV

Managed DNS

Level 2 Managed File Backup*

Hourly Rate Discount 15%**

Tier 3

Monitoring and Maintenance services

3rd Party software updates*

Managed AV

Managed DNS

Level 3 Managed backup*

Hourly Rate Discount 25%**

* Tier 1 file backup per endpoint limit at 100gb. Tier 2 file backup per endpoint limit at 150gb per endpoint, Tier 3 backup is full system based, up to 1TB per endpoint.
** Hourly Rate Discount is for support provided during regular business hours. Emergency work or out of project work, will be billed at a Different Rate.

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