Our philosophy

We Foster Education

Technology, and its applications, are only as good as the person or group of people running it. At Mind Twister Media, we like to empower our clients, and the best way to do it, is to educate our users on how to use technology to propel their business.

We Pursue Excellence

Client satisfaction, is our main goal. We want things to be done right. We want to do nothing but what is in our clients best interest, therefore pushing for excellence is key at Mind Twister Media.

We Practice Honesty

At Mind Twister Media, Honesty is key. We believe that we want to treat our clients, the same way we want to be treated, with honesty and respect. Being clear and honest while working with our clients helps us work towards reaching your goal, in a proper an efficient way.

We Create Fun

All work and no fun? Our slogan is Think…Dream…Create…, this means that in order to have fun, we work hard. We work hard for our clients in order to enjoy life. Let Mind Twister Media work with you, so that we can help you accomplish your dreams and enjoy life.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • 01

    We work hand in hand with our clients. In order to understand their wants and needs.

  • 02

    Constant contact via e-mail or phone is done so that goals can be set.

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    We Monitor your network on a constant basis, making sure that all services are running.

  • 02

    If service is needed, users can request service, or we will schedule a service call for you.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    By constantly monitoring your network, we can work on improving or maintaining performance and security.

  • 02

    Your business is dynamic, and so are we. We will work with you on improving your business as it grows.